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Streaming from Anywhere, Anytime, and in Any Way

Thankfully, music is at an all-time best. This is because listeners can enjoy all the music of the past, plus everything else that is actively being released. Better yet, it can basically all be accessed with the few clicks of a button.

The vssl music set-up is a house-wide system for playing music anywhere throughout the home from a single device. It works by implementing native streaming and a device-based access point.

Native Streaming

The system has native streaming available. It works by allowing a number of mainstream music streaming outlets to connect directly to the system to have music streamed throughout the house. The native streaming is accomplished through the same device, such as a mobile phone. Just like Spotify working through multiple devices, it is possible to have vssl logged in on multiple devices and have access uninterrupted.

Separated by Area

Users will see a list of various devices on their main device. For example, a user is currently logged into their phone and they have access to the system. The user will click on what device they want to connect with, as in where do they want to access the system. Say a user wants to access it for the kitchen device or the master bath. They select either one for their phone and they change the selection as desired. So each “device” is really various channels throughout the home.

Selection and Playback

Playback can be changed accordingly. Keep the example of a user accessing the network through their phone. They can select the playback channel on a list of various channels. This could include phone, where the music will play through the phone. Want it to play on the outdoor patio? A user would only have to select “patio” (or whatever they have as the label for that area) to make the playback occur outside on the patio. Multiple channels can be selected at once.

Music can be accessed throughout the entire home through a single device. The system does not require users to download songs and compile a playlist. They can stream Spotify, right now, and have it sound amazing.


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